NANO Antivirus

Keep your PC protected without consuming too many resources


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With the number of websites most people visit every day, the possibility of a virus affecting your PC is always high, and thus it's a good idea to have an antivirus installed. The problem is that most of them affect your system and make it slower.

With NANO Antivirus, you can avoid any malicious software or virus without affecting the speed and performance of your system. Its interface is divided into tabs, making it very easy to use.

Its features let you create different security shields that independently protect your system as well as your networks. The files and websites that NANO Antivirus identifies as malicious will be moved to the quarantine folder, so you can decide if it is really safe or not, and automatically block future access if needed.

Protect your system in real time with NANO Antivirus and forget all your worries about affecting your system's performance.
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